The special area departments such as art, music and physical education plan with the standards for each area used to plan engaging lessons.  Art and music take place weekly for 50 minutes with each class.  Physical Education takes place three times weekly for 50 minutes with each class.


Student using scissors in art class


Students in Music class playing xylophone


Students sitting in a large circle on blacktop at PE

Our Clubs


Students are competing in a TiViTz competition.

TiViTz is a fun math game that is very similar to checkers but requires students to capture math targets and correctly calculate the math to score the highest points thereby winning.  We meet on Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00.  It runs from February to April.

2017 We won 1st and 3rd place

2018 We tied for 1st.
Sponsor: Mrs. Neilan

Running Club

Four students standing on the lawn of lake mirror in Lakeland, Fl after they just participated in the Red Ribbon Run for kids.

Running club is a great club here at Spessard L.  Holland Elementary from September through December.  This club helps children prepare for Polk County’s annual Red Ribbon Run held every November around Lake Mirror, in downtown Lakeland.

To be a part of running club, simply show up at 7:30 on your grade level club day and walk/run until 7:50.  Children get their mile club card and walk or run to prepare.  This is a great way to start the day and get those brain juices flowing for a day of learning.  We’ll see you on the track in August!

Sponsor: Coach Tervin and Coach Beasley

Fiber Arts Club

Teacher and students in a group smiling.

This Club exposes students to the age old art of weaving, crochet, and hand sewing.  We meet once a week for 1.25 hours.  There is an application process, and both Clubs are limited to twenty students – typically fourth and fifth graders.

Art Club

A father and son working on an art project at Spessard L Holland Elementary school.

This Club teaches students new techniques, uses unconventional materials, and offers sculpture on a larger scale than the normal classroom.  There is an application process for this club and is limited to twenty students – typically fourth and fifth graders.  Both clubs will consider third graders who exhibit outstanding behavior in the classroom.
Sponsor: Mrs. Roberts


Teachers standing with their students at an A-Team competition.

The goal of the A-Team is to provide competition in which fifth-grade students are challenged to display their knowledge.  One team of no more than six fifth-grade students are selected from each elementary school to compete in an area competition. The two teams with the highest scores from each area competition will compete in one of three semifinal rounds. The finalist teams will then compete in the County Championship.  SLHE recently placed second in our area competition.  We will compete in the A-Team Semifinal Competition the last week of February. The A-Team tournament is an academic, quiz-bowl type competition. This is not a quick response, trivial-pursuit contest. Instead, it is a slower-paced tournament in which players are asked questions from the subject areas of mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, music and economics.


News anchor visiting school with students sitting in listening.

The Gator News Network, or better known as GNN, is our school’s video production program. The students are responsible for creating our daily morning news show that airs in all the classrooms every morning. Some of the jobs assigned to the students are: news anchor, news show reporter, camera operator, editors, writers, graphics designers, and directors. Along with our morning news show, the students create other video projects such as: a music video, commercials, documentaries, short films, and many more! Because of the hard work our crew, we have won numerous awards from local and state competitions such as the Polk County Public Schools Video Awards and the Jim Harbin awards.

Students in grades 3-5 are allowed to sign up at the start of the year and once again in the spring to try out to be a part of our team. Students in grades K-2 are involved also, but in the classroom setting with various projects.

Uke Club

Students holding their Ukes

Our ukulele club meets Thursday mornings from 7:30am to 7:50am.  This club is open to fourth and fifth graders.  Students learn the basic chords of the instrument as well as basic strumming techniques.  The  participates in various performances throughout the school year and have even played at Harrison School for the Arts.

The Spessard Singers (Chorus)

Group of elementary students in costume singing on stage

The Spessard Singers is our school chorus made up of students in third, fourth, and fifth grade.  Our chorus meets every Wednesday & Thursday after school from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.  Every student interested is able to join without needing to audition.  During the school year we work on singing songs in 2-part harmony and strengthening the students’ vocal technique.  We are a large group comprised of 70+ and have been invited to sing many places including Disney World.

Bucket Drumline

Students sitting next to their drum buckets.

The bucket drumline is one of our most recent clubs.  Fifth graders not only learn rhythmic techniques in class but are able to further their drumming skills every Monday from 7:30am to 7:50am.  The drumline has participated in cheering our FSA students on as well as the Just Say No to Drugs parade in Bartow.

Recorder Club

Students Playing Recorders

Third, fourth, and fifth graders are welcomed to join the recorder club which meets every Tuesday from 7:30am to 7:50am.  In this club, students seek to better their skills by completing the Recorder Karate program. This is a program in which they earn colored “belts” with every song they learn to play. Each song gets progressively more difficult as the student masters certain skills.